Given improved life expectancy, retirement can now easily last 30 years. This is great from one point of view, but increased life expectancy means you will be relying on your pensions and savings for longer and there is perhaps a greater need to fund for care costs in later life.

It has never been more important to seek professional financial advice as you approach retirement and make big decisions on how to access your pension and fund your retirement.

Freedom Wealth offer expert advice on all aspects of retirement including:

At retirement advice

Recent pension freedom legislation has given people a wider choice of how they can access their pension funds when they retire. With these freedoms there are many pitfalls including the potential to trigger unnecessary tax charges which could be avoided with careful planning and the biggest danger of all, which is running out of money whilst in retirement.

As you approach retirement we create a personalised plan specific to your needs, circumstances and attitude to risk to make the most of the new pension freedom rules.

Income through investments

If you rely on investments to supplement your pension we can help set up diversified portfolios to generate income from your investments and maximise your tax allowances.

Consolidation of investments

We can help consolidate your investments to reduce your on-going administration and paperwork, making your finances easier to manage and monitor.

Ongoing advice on investments and pensions

Many people will still hold ISA’s when they retire. ISA’s can now be passed onto a surviving spouse on death. Pension freedoms also mean many will keep pension funds invested throughout retirement, deciding not to draw on the pension and instead pass the fund to their beneficiaries. To help support these clients we offer on-going investment advice, including a regular face-to-face review and fund switching advice.

Inheritance tax planning

We can help you estimate any potential inheritance tax liability on your estate and offer advice on how to mitigate this tax liability. Please note The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate will writing, taxation and trust advice.

Later life Issues

For a client whose health is deteriorating, we can help them and their family plan for and fund care home fees. If a Power of Attorney is in place we can help with suitable investments.